About YSTC

The Yuba Sutter Tri Club is dedicated to the improvement of physical health in the Yuba Sutter Area. We provide a fun, light hearted atmosphere which offers training for a triathlete at any level.

Our Story

In the summer of 2010, Chris Bridges was out for a long run preparing for his first Ironman.  During his run, Chris came across a cyclist on a triathlon bike.  Chris struck up a quick conversation with the cyclist and discovered he was training for Ironman Australia.

Chris and the cyclist shared comments about the weather and offered each other encouragement as they parted ways.  After parting ways from the cyclist, Chris realized he missed a great opportunity to train and share ideas with a like-minded triathlete.

It then occurred to Chris there could be someone just as crazy as him, in the area, who might be willing to train with him.  Now Chris was bothered by the fact there was no way for him to find these like-minded athletes in the Yuba Sutter Area.  Chris wanted to create a way for triathletes to find each other in the Yuba Sutter Area.

With this goal, the Yuba Sutter Tri Club was born.  A club where someone interested in completing a triathlon in any distance could find training tips, racing strategies and people to train with.

Mission Statement

• To promote the sport of triathlon in Northern California by encouraging, mentoring, and supporting triathletes of all levels and abilities.

• To encourage participation in multi-discipline and endurance sports such as marathon,  triathlon and duathlon, as a means of achieving personal growth and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

• To develop the sport of triathlon for people of all ages and skill levels in Yuba-Sutter region, as a way to promote physical fitness, develop self-confidence, and foster a sense of individual accomplishment.

• To utilize the sport of triathlon and commitment of triathlon club members to support the local community and make it a better, safer and healthier place to live.